Building the thief crushing community.



Cycletome's mission is to help people recover their stolen bikes.

Whether your bike was stolen or you want to make sure that your soon-to-be bike was not reported missing, Cycletome is there to help you. Our goal is to create the biggest and safest, no-thief, cycling community.

How this works

Register your bike

This is a very important step. It lets other people know that you are its owner and in case it gets stolen you can act fast and report it right after it happened.

Search our database for the frame number of an used bike you want to buy

You can now be sure that a second-hand bike you are willing to buy was not stolen.

Report your stolen bike

Mark the bike as stolen as soon as possible so you can benefit from the support of the Cycletome community. You never know when someone stumbles upon it.

Cycletome Q&A

How do I register my bike?

Cycletome requires you to login with Facebook if you want to register bikes. Don't be afraid, we are not posting anything on your behalf, it's just a simple way of associating your name with the bikes you register. After login, you are free to register as many bikes as you wish and the process is as simple as snapping a side picture of the bike and one with its serial number.

Do I need to login to search for a frame number?

No, looking up a frame number is an operation that doesn't require login.

What can I do if my bike gets stolen?

In case disaster strikes, you should mark your bike as stolen so that the whole Cycletome community can be aware of the theft. This way, if the thief tries to sell your bike, the potential buyer can check the frame number and see that it belongs to you.

What happens if I sell my bike?

If you sell your bike, you should mark is as such so that the next owner can register it back again under his name.

How can Cycletome users contact me if they find my bike?

You can share your contact details (phone, email) with the rest of the Cycletome community so when your bike's frame number is searched for, your details will pop up alongside its picture.